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4 Facts Every New Jersey Parent Of Children With Dyslexia And Other Learning Disabilities Must Know

Quiz: What Type Of Private School Fits Your Family?

Growing Imagination: How To Build Your Own Fairy Door

[Scientific Research] The Return on Investment of Early Private School Education

The Importance Of The Right Peer Group In Your Child's School Environment

A New Summer Camp Option In Somerset, New Jersey

Anjalee's Advice: My Child Is Always Bored — Something To Worry About?

Anjalee's Advice: 9 Ways You Can Help Your Child Make Real Friends

Tips for Middle Schoolers on Preparing to Apply to College

Fine Motor Skills Develop Slowly — Don't Rush It

The Power to Change: A Cedar Hill Prep Family Promotes Literacy with a New Graphic Novel Series

Interview With A Top Cedar Hill Prep Alumnus: Nima

Cedar Hill Prep Is More Than A School — It's A Vibrant Community.

10 Historical Places In New Jersey To Take Your Kids To This Fall

Millennials Prefer Small Private Schools For Their Children

Keeping Our Children Safe: Safety Rules at CHP

How Your Child Can Go From Straight A's To Straight F's

Interview With A Top Cedar Hill Prep Alumnus: Pranav

Why Your Child Should Join Our Robotics Club

Preschool Options In Somerset, NJ & How To Choose The Best For Your Child

A Day In The Life Of A Cedar Hill Prep Preschooler

Preschool, Elementary, or Middle School — When Does Private School Make The Most Sense?

How To Pay For Private School With Sallie Mae Loans

5 Ways You Can Share Your Love Of Cedar Hill Prep School With Other Parents

Interview With A Top Cedar Hill Prep Alumni: Lauryn

Why Unstructured Play Makes Your Child A Better Student (and a Better Person)

The Best Private School For Your Montessori Student

Educational Summer Bucket List For Kids In New Jersey

Summer Camp Options for your Exceptional Student

How To Set Your Child Up For Getting Accepted Into Their Dream High School

5 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting Accepted to a Top NJ Private School

A Look Into the Cedar Hill Prep Admissions Process

Are Your Children Getting Enough Physical Education?

The Multiple Advantages of a Multilingual Curriculum

The Human Project: Our Philosophy on Bullying

5 Ways To Reduce Stress & Promote Calm In Your Child

Building Resilience: Turn “I Can’t Do It” Into “How Can I Do It?”

Why the Best Students Need Art

Teaching Civil Courage

3 Lesser Known Kid-Friendly Educational Things To Do This Winter In Central New Jersey

Getting Your Kids to Tell You About Their School Day Without Asking “How Was School?”

Leveraging Cognitive Skills — A Unique Approach To Boost Our Students' Cognitive Abilities

5 Ways to Instill Gratitude in Your Child

Creating The Foundation For Life-Long Success in Preschool: Academic Building Blocks & Quality of Teaching

Private School Students: Not Better, Just Better Off

Cedar Hill Prep Participates In The Verizon App Challenge — Here Are The Results!

Creating The Foundation For Life-Long Success in Preschool: Future-Proof Your Child By Teaching Crucial Life Skills

Creating The Foundation For Life-Long Sucess in Preschool: Nurturing Positive, Resilient Personality Traits

A Guide to Effective Parent-Teacher Communication

The Value of Old-Fashioned Play

10 Questions to ask at a Private School Open House

Why Art Belongs in Every Kindergarten (and Pre-K) Classroom

School Houses: Forging Character and Fueling Greatness

Is Transitional Kindergarten Right for Your Child?

5 Real Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn a Second Language

3 Easy Ways to Help Your Child Beat Stress This School Year

The Storytelling Renaissance: Stories in the Digital Age

Private School vs. Charter: What Every Parent Should Know

School Lunches That You Would Love To Have At Work

21st Century Classroom Resources

Are Private Schools Able To Hire (And Retain) The Best Teachers?

How Private School Curriculums Stay Way Ahead Of The Curve

Common Core: One Size Does Not Fit All

Extracurricular Activities That Private Schools Excel At

How a code of morals prevents bullying and makes school more enjoyable

4 Ways Private School Prepares Your Child For College Success

Does Class Size Really Matter? Research Says Yes!

Cedar Hill Prep Celebrates Poetry Day

5 Scenarios When Choosing Private School Over Public School Makes Sense

The Real Cost Of Summer Camp

CHP Students Excel in National Spanish Examinations

10 Skills Your Child Should Have Before Kindergarten

The New Jersey Working Parents' Must-Have List For Summer Camps

3 Free & Safe Email Providers For Kids

School Uniforms: History, Tradition & Benefits

10 Tips How You Can Help Your Child Prepare For SSAT

Quiz: What kind of summer camp parent are you?

15 Ways To Empower Girls In the Classroom & Beyond

STEM Activity: Build A Floatable Device

10 Questions Prospective Parents Ask During A School Tour

8 Amazing Books That Teach Your Young Child About Friendship, Kindness & Compassion

Congratulations! CHP Participates at 2nd Round of Garden State Debate League

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