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Growing Imagination: How To Build Your Own Fairy Door

Posted by Hannah Eisenberg on Mar 2, 2017 12:53:17 PM

Like many children, I loved fairies when I was little. I spent wonderful hours imagining these tiny, delicate, winged creatures with magical powers getting entangled into all sorts of exciting adventures.

Even as an adult, fairies hold a fascination for me. As parents, we made a promise to not lie to our children — even about the Tooth Fairy! So, when my first child lost her first tooth and expressed excitement about a visit from the Tooth Fairy, I went down to her level, looked her in the eyes and explained: "Honey, there is no Tooth Fairy!" Her response took me aback at first. She said, "Oh, Mommy, I know you take my tooth and put the dollar under my pillow! But it is so much fun to pretend that fairies are real."

From that day on, we pretended to believe in fairies. And maybe, just maybe —  for a moment when we snuggle up and read fairy tales together at bedtime — we cannot help but smile and ask ourselves, "What if they were real?" And that's when we decided to build a fairy door.

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