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4 Facts Every New Jersey Parent Of Children With Dyslexia And Other Learning Disabilities Must Know

Posted by Nandini Menon on Mar 22, 2017 11:06:00 AM

 As a parent, it is sometimes hard to face the reality that your child has a learning disability. Maybe you have seen early signs (e.g., having a hard time recalling the names of shapes and colors), but simply chalked them up as the quirks of a developing pre-kindergartner.

However, once the child lags behind any of his kindergarten peers in learning his ABC's, and when first and second grades become a struggle, you wonder if your child has learning differences. You or other family members might recognize the signs because learning disabilities are hereditary, and often a relative has experienced the same or similar struggles when he or she was in first grade. However, what is a parent to do in this situation?

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Quiz: What Type Of Private School Fits Your Family?

Posted by Nandini Menon on Mar 13, 2017 5:03:22 PM

Every family and every child is different. In some families, both parents work long hours to be able to provide their family with a higher standard of living. Some parents have high academic hopes for their youngsters, while others are more easy-going and just hope that their child is happy and will become a well-adjusted adult when he or she grows up. Others have special needs, such as learning disabilities or life-threatening allergies, that must be taken into account when looking for the right type of school. 

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Growing Imagination: How To Build Your Own Fairy Door

Posted by Hannah Eisenberg on Mar 2, 2017 12:53:17 PM

Like many children, I loved fairies when I was little. I spent wonderful hours imagining these tiny, delicate, winged creatures with magical powers getting entangled into all sorts of exciting adventures.

Even as an adult, fairies hold a fascination for me. As parents, we made a promise to not lie to our children — even about the Tooth Fairy! So, when my first child lost her first tooth and expressed excitement about a visit from the Tooth Fairy, I went down to her level, looked her in the eyes and explained: "Honey, there is no Tooth Fairy!" Her response took me aback at first. She said, "Oh, Mommy, I know you take my tooth and put the dollar under my pillow! But it is so much fun to pretend that fairies are real."

From that day on, we pretended to believe in fairies. And maybe, just maybe —  for a moment when we snuggle up and read fairy tales together at bedtime — we cannot help but smile and ask ourselves, "What if they were real?" And that's when we decided to build a fairy door.

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The Importance Of The Right Peer Group In Your Child's School Environment

Posted by Nandini Menon on Feb 23, 2017 6:56:21 PM

Research has clearly shown that peer groups have a great influence on one's outlook and success in life.  As an adult, we are taught to network and surround ourselves with people who encourage us to put our best foot forward and help us succeed. 

But did you know that this social phenomenon is even more pronounced among elementary school children?

A multitude of studies have found that a child's peer group influences key behavioral success markers, and those markers can provide the foundation for making (or breaking) his or her transitions through life.

Here are some insights from these studies which highlight how positive peer influence is fostered within a private school environment.

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Anjalee's Advice: My Child Is Always Bored — Something To Worry About?

Posted by Anjalee Patel on Feb 1, 2017 7:56:57 AM

How many times in the last week alone has your child said: "I am so bored!" Maybe you were busy making dinner and could not play with him, or she had plans to go outside and play, but the weather changed to an ice-cold drizzle and playing outside wasn't an option anymore. 

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Anjalee's Advice: 9 Ways You Can Help Your Child Make Real Friends

Posted by Anjalee Patel on Jan 3, 2017 8:38:02 AM

Has your child ever come to you saying, "I don't have any friends at school!" or "Nobody likes me!"?

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Fine Motor Skills Develop Slowly — Don't Rush It

Posted by Nandini Menon on Dec 9, 2016 9:19:00 AM

Your child has so many things to look forward to as he grows. Because we are excited to see him succeed, it can be tempting to become impatient with the process and want him to develop almost overnight all of the skills that we know are so necessary for his success.  As adults, we tend to forget about the little things, the fundamental building blocks that children need in order to support basic life skills. One very crucial building block is the development of fine motor skills.

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The Power to Change: A Cedar Hill Prep Family Promotes Literacy with a New Graphic Novel Series

Posted by Helen Gocher on Dec 6, 2016 9:21:02 AM

When the drowsy sun escapes her days for an early slumber and the crisp nights scatter snowflakes in a dance across sky, we collectively comprehend that we’ve entered the holiday season — a bustling time brimming with excitement, when families trim trees, stuff stockings, sing carols, light candles, exchange presents, and prepare feasts. The holidays are filled with faith, love, laughter, childhood wonder, and celebrations.

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Interview With A Top Cedar Hill Prep Alumnus: Nima

Posted by Donald Seeley on Dec 5, 2016 9:48:42 AM

One of the best ways to measure the success of a school is through its alumni. Here at Cedar Hill Prep, we take tremendous pride in our alumni and what they have accomplished since leaving. We talked with Nima, a 2015 graduate, about his life so far after CHP.

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10 Historical Places In New Jersey To Take Your Kids To This Fall

Posted by Nandini Menon on Nov 16, 2016 9:48:00 AM

With the explosion of Pokémon GO, historic sites across the country and the world are seeing an uptick in visitors. However, a visit to a historic site should be more than just a Pokestop.

New Jersey is home to some amazing U.S. history. From battlegrounds to lighthouses and villages preserved in time, New Jersey has a wealth of places to visit that will keep kids engaged and interested in more than just trying to catch Pokémon.

Need some inspiration? No problem. Here are just 10 of some great places to visit in The Garden State.

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